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5 Things to Consider when Deciding to Wear Hair

1. Your medical diagnosis plays a huge role in what type of hair system you

will wear. For example, if you have a type of hair loss that requires treatments, as in topicals, injections or laser light therapy, your attachment method will need to be easily removed, to not interrupt your medical protocol.

2. Your lifestyle will determine your attachment method. How active are you?

How do you feel about taking your hair off at night? It can be depressing for many of my guests to see themselves without their hair, so a more permanent attachment for them is better.

3. How skilled are you at styling your own hair? You will now have a full head

of hair; this is wonderful, but can also be overwhelming at first. Investing in a professional blow dryer, flatiron and products will make styling your hair faster and easier.

4. Two is better than one! If you are bonding your hair, two systems is a must.

Your hair systems will last twice as long, your service time will be shorter and you will always have a backup if one of your systems need to be repaired.

5. Hair is an investment. The better quality of hair that is used in the systems,

the more your system will cost and the more realistic your hair will look. In the case of hair, you defiantly get what you pay for.

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