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Coffee Assignment for my Daily Wear Top Piece Guest

This assignment is very important for my first time hair wearers; you will feel like you have a giant neon ⬅ pointing at you when you go out into the world wearing your hair for the first few times; this is completely normal!

⭐ Assignment: wear your hair and go into a coffee shop and order your favorite drink. Ordering your coffee at the counter is important too, the drive -thru does not count here, we need close eye contact ladies


Baristas in general are happy people who will look you in the eye, although you will be

💯 % convinced that they are looking at your hair and are about to bust out laughing at you, but trust me, they are just happy. Take a deep breath, order your coffee and for bonus points,

⭐ stay and enjoy your coffee. I promise it gets

easier, so practice wearing your hair!

My guests laugh when they hear their assignment, but everyone who does it reports back that it helped to build their confidence.

Want to learn more about wearing hair? Send me a message to set up a consultation.

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