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Why Two Is Better Than One

There are many benefits to having two top pieces:

1. Hair is a fabric, it will wear out over time. Your hair will last longer, because you will alternate top pieces.

2. You will always have fresh clean hair, wear one top piece while you are styling the other.

3. If you have your hair serviced at the salon, having 2 top pieces is a must, because your stylist is busy and may not be able to get to your hair the exact day/ time you need a refresh. Drop one top piece at the salon and you have a back up.

4. Your top piece will need to have a color refresh every 3-4 months, your hair can be worked on at the salon; while you are out enjoying life, how cool is that? Good thing you have a back up topper, because this appointment can take a looooong time, (believe me, sometimes days).

5. You are never without hair when you have a back up top piece!

6. Human hair top pieces will react to weather, they can get frizzy in the rain/snow. No problem, because you have a back up and can wear your second top piece.

7. Going on a vacation? Bring both of your top pieces, you can alternate your hair. You may not want to bring your canvas block and stand while traveling. Having two top pieces is also 2X the money, but you are worth it, good hair is an investment and we all feel at our best when our hair looks fabulous.

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